Guide to living in Spain after Brexit

We don’t yet know what will be the result of the Brexit negotiations. Will the British have a special status, or will we have the same rules as the other non-EU nations?

This guide, and these regular updates, run through the scenarios. The guide, free to download below, covers a no deal situation where the British have no more right to live and work in France than the citizens of any other non-EU country, such as the USA or Australia. We don’t believe Brexit will be as “hard” as this, even with no deal, but even if it is, it should still be possible to fulfil your dream of buying a home in Spain and spending all or most of your time there. Read the articles below for news updates and advice. 

Can British people buy property in Spain after Brexit?
British people will still be able to buy a home in Spain after Brexit. Property’s not covered under the EU’s ‘four freedoms’, and anyone has the right to purchase. If there’s no deal, you will still need to do a bit more paperwork to move there, but it’s no more than what thousands of Australians, Americans and so on do every year. In other words, you’ll need a visa, but it won’t be a hassle – you can see the number of options available to you in our visa page.

How do I buy property in Spain after Brexit?
Simply follow the same buying process that you do now – start looking for your home, speak to estate agents, arrange a viewing trip, speak to currency exchange to sort out how to transfer to euros and you’re good to go. The only additional layer will be visas, but you’ll have plenty of time to apply for one during the purchase process. You’ll only need it to move, not to buy a house.

What will healthcare be like for expats in Spain after Brexit?
If a deal akin to the Withdrawal Agreement goes through, then you’ll have an implementation period where you can continue with the same rights as before. Even if not, the government of Sanchez has announced a return to the policy of access to Spanish healthcare for all, so you’ll always be able to be treated in a local hospital. And the healthcare system is first-class!

Can I buy a holiday home in Spain after Brexit?
British people will still be able to buy Spanish holiday homes after Brexit. All you need, as above, is to follow the usual buying process and then apply for a temporary tourist visa (valid for three months) when you come to visit.

Can British people work in Spain after Brexit?
Yes, British people will be able to work in Spain after Brexit, but you’ll need a work permit. You can find out more in our dedicated article on visas.


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